What my Clients Say...

“I had been considering counselling for a couple of years due to anxiety/low mood before finally deciding the time was right to reach out to someone. I was not sure where to start but found Dawn whilst searching for counsellors in Manchester online. I arranged an initial phone call with Dawn and I found her to be approachable, calm and down to earth. From the first call I felt Dawn was someone I could speak to openly and who would listen and guide. I ended up having 12 counselling sessions with Dawn, where I was listened to and my negative thought processes were highlighted to me and challenged in a constructive and kind way. Dawn also helped me to explore who I am as a person through thought exercises and tasks (during counselling and whilst at home/leading my daily life) which helped ground me and boost my confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Dawn to anyone else experiencing low mood/anxiety (and already have recommended her!). Thank you for your help and guidance!”

“A wonderful service. Dawn is an extremely qualified and empathetic counsellor. I found our sessions very helpful in dealing with a particularly difficult period in my life. Would highly recommend.”

“I was super skeptical on going to therapy and it was something I had tried before but didn’t feel like there were any ‘breakthroughs’. I worked with Dawn for a few months and can honestly say she made such a huge difference! There was no judgement, I felt fully supported and she come up with the right questions I needed to hear as well as picking up themes I must’ve knew was there but needed help figuring them out. Although it took a lot of hard work, I want to thank Dawn for making it so much easier!”

“Life can be quite difficult but having someone you can confide in and help guide you through confusing thoughts and intense emotions definitely helps a lot. Dawn is a neutral, non-judgemental third party who’s provided me with a safe space to open up about upsetting and sensitive topics that I didn’t know how to deal with or talk about. She listens intently, asks thought provoking questions and gives very helpful insight and useful tools. I’m grateful for all her help.

Our sessions have allowed me to be vulnerable, explore different perspectives, process trauma and gain back control which was all done at my own pace.

I would strongly recommend anyone who is also facing similar struggles to get in touch.”